Not much to post or say

Well the title kind of sums it up.  I have no models and live is moving me in different directions.  I’m debating as to weather i’ll keep this tumblr going or not.

Deleted the last post.

I deleted my last post of family pictures because i realize they may not be appropriate for this tumblr.  Plus i have a imgur site and a facebook account so this is mostly redundant.  I also don’t want the nudes i have taken associated with my family.  So yeah…


Reblogging again so this amazing artist can get credit! 




some casual nudes i picked up.  Still need to figure out how to separate pages so i post non nude stuff

some of the last of ray for right now

a few more of Ray

so damn true!






Traci Wise:
“I found my son sitting having a moment with his daddy (SFC Benjamin Wise) the other day. We lost him January 15 in Afghanistan… we cannot forget about the incredible loss these children must undertake.”

Every follower of mine should reblog this. 

idgaf that this is color. it is so touching and tragic. everyone should reblog this no matter what your blog type is!!!

OMG ;( Stay strong little guy. </3

Be brave little man!

This post has always made me want to cry……

So so sad

Stretch Marked Tigers




This morning my daughter, who is nearly four, saw the stretch marks on my hips and stomach. She ran her hands over them and asked what they were.

“I got them when I grew up,” I said, “and a few more when I had you.” I grinned down at her. “They’re my stripes. You’ll get stripes too when you grow up.”

She was overjoyed. “Really?

I think she’s in her room now, pretending to be a tiger.

This is what we need to teach. 


as you can see Ray is covered from head to foot in tattoos.  It makes him a interesting subject.